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"I had Fairfield County Window Washing Services come out to my house this past spring, They did an amazing job, I did not realize how dirty my windows actually were. I highly recommend this company to everyone I know. They kept my house very clean and the furniture they had to move was put right back after the windows were washed." 
- Theresa S

"This is a wonderful window washing company; they came out to wash our windows and completely blew me away. I had the house painted about a year ago and they left paint on the windows, Jeff and his crew scrapped all that paint away and made our windows look brand new. I was extremely happy with their work and will be using them again every year." 
- Arnold K.

"Jeff and his crew were so careful around my house moving things out of the way and putting them back exactly where they were, even on the outside making sure to not step on my flowers. They are very fast and efficient with their work. I have a large home and thought it would have taken them all day they were in and out in 4 hours! Fairfield County Window Washing Services is great at what they do." 
- Veronica P.

"Can't believe the outstanding job Jeff and his crew did. I was amazed at the process; one girl was on the inside while Jeff and two other men were on the outside doing the windows. The crew not only cleaned my screens and window sills but they also removed old paint I had on the window glass all included in the price and no extra charge. These guys are the best in Fairfield County." 
- John W.

"I love having Fairfield County Window Washing Services come to my house every year. They’re a family owned and operated business, where the boss actually works side by side with his workers. For an owner to work on the job site and not drop people off and leave shows that he has a passion for the work he does. I don’t think you can find to many companies out there who take this much pride in their work. They really are the absolute best in the business, I would never go elsewhere." 
- Beth T.

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"I was very pleased with this window washing company. They showed up on time and were very polite, their work speaks for itself. 

I have older windows and was thinking about replacing them but after they were done it made me hold off on that thought. I would recommend them to anyone I know." 
- Sara H.
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